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Toompea hill is Tallinn’s historical centre and cornerstone, around which the rest of the city has formed.

The elegant historical buildings in Toompea house the most important state institutions, as well as, embassies, churches, schools, and museums.

  • Breath-taking views of the whole town can be seen from the viewing platforms of Toompea, which is only a short walk away. Patkuli platform in the west provides an excellent view of the ancient city wall and its towers, adjacent Kalamaja and Kopli areas. From Kohtuotsa platform, the view extends over the gorgeous red roofs of the Old Town to the tall buildings of the downtown district. Further at the distance one can find the harbour and other points of interest on the Gulf of Finland coastline.

    Tallinn’s Old Town is one of the most intact medieval towns in Europe and a UNESCO heritage site. The structure of buildings, walls, squares, and parks is a unique sight to admire.

  • With just a few steps from the busy Paldiski road to the street of Ao, the active bustling and movement cease. The quiet streets of Kassisaba are lined with elegant wooden buildings and tall trees, leaving an impression of taking a stroll in a manor park. There is no heavy traffic and jostling here – instead a quiet environment supporting a healthy lifestyle right in the heart of town.

    In addition to the immediate vicinity of Toompea and Kassisaba, another short walk away, is Telliskivi Creative City – a conglomeration of urban culture with a multitude of workshops and boutiques. This is also a place of renowned cafes and restaurants, catering a wide selection of cuisines from street-food to exotic oriental dishes.

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